What a blast we had! We had a raffle and gave away:

3 volley balls

2 American Express Gift Cards – $25.00 each

2 bicycles (Hunter picked out the coolest ones they had – look at those spokes)

Free Baskin Robbins Ice Cream cone for every child – although I think some “older children” got some too (I am not mentioning any names).

the food was great, the company was even better and the bounce house – OMG – that thing is always a hit. The kiddos used that thing for 4 hours non-stop. That’s EXACTLY what it is for. So fun.

Thank you all for being part of our Family – and letting our family be a part of yours.

more fun things to come at Oakview Commons – see you in a few months for out Fall Festival and some more of that smoked food!

One resident took me aside and told me – “By the way, if someone ever calls our community a “TP”, tell them – “not OUR CommUnity, it is a place where you just love to live.” I agree.

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this Saturday May 17, 2008! These are a blast – come join us!


Although, I admit, I messed up the date – the Festival was attended by tons of people for fun, hamburgers and hot dogs, sodas and games.  The kids had a blast – and the adults had a blast watching the kids have fun.
Although Bob, the Soda Machine Guy and Mark, our Handyman Extraordinaire had a game or two of Volleyball, the kids ran circles around them in that bounce-house.
img_1732.jpg  img_1679.jpg  img_1631.jpg

This is something new for our CommUnity and we hope you like it.  If you will notice, no other CommUnity in the area has anything as cool as this!  Agree?  Like it?  Let’s hear about it – you can comment on the posts right here and be part of our blog.